Johnny on the Fly

LAFFF 2017 Lake Athens Fly Fishing Festival

Sunfish Challenge Rules.

Friday April 3rd,2020

2020 Lake Athens Fly Fishing Contest Rules.   

Friday April 3rd, 2020 Time: 4 pm to 7 pm.

Registration and check in starts at 3:30 pm.

Sunfish Challenge Contest:  Catch, Photo and Release competition.

Contestants must check in and register before beginning contest to receive rules and ID tag.

Only Fly Rods and Flies with Barb less hooks may be used. NO LIVE BAIT.

2 divisions:   One winner Boat division.

                        One winner Kayak (Small Craft) division.    

Small water craft include - Kayaks, canoes, kick boats and float tubes.        


Anglers must use Smart Phone with camera.

Anglers must use provided fish ruler to measure fish, fishes mouth must touch zero marker and tail being pulled to length with measure marks and Anglers ID mark must be clearly visible.

TEXT FISH PHOTOS to Phone Number (TBD)

(Use your provided Sunfish ID card)

Challenge: Catch all 5 Species.

1. Bluegill

2. Long Ear Sunfish                         

3. Red Ear Sunfish

4.  Green Sunfish

5. Copper Nose

 Get them All, Grand Slam. If no one gets the Grand Slam, prize will be awarded to next highest catch. Ties will be determined by inches.  So Send in Pics Immediately and accurately.

Time Stamp will be used to break ties.

Time OUT 7:00 PM      

All Photos must be submitted by 7 PM.   TEXT FISH PHOTOS to # TBA

Come on in, Dinner and presentations follow.